18 Spectacular Scenes Where Gravity Feels Like It’s Gone On Vacation.

Have you ever experienced situations so out of the ordinary that you felt the world around you was just turned upside down? We’re talking about all those times you’ve witnessed scenes too improbable to be true that in an instant dangerously shattered your certainties and even the laws of physics.

Take for example the force of gravity on Earth, it is something obvious and omnipresent, yet certain optical illusions, certain reflections, certain perspective games, and even certain animals are able to challenge it quite enough. obvious. This is where the photos we are going to show you come from real puzzles for our brain, which is not always able to decipher them the first time. Will you be able to do it? Put yourself to the test!

#1. When you are faced with such a scene, your brain cannot help but hesitate for a moment …

image credit: reddit

Where is this cat hanging?

#2. What keeps this chocolate bar in balance?

image credit: BeerHikeLift/reddit

A real mystery, judging by the photo!

#3. A little levitation never hurts ….

image credit: Malocchi/reddit

… What better place than the beach to focus and levitate in the air like this girl does?

#4. How does this photo work? It’s a real challenge for our brain

image credit: sverdrupian / reddit

Did you find out from what point of view this photo was taken in the Duomo in Florence?

#5. Landscape with trees disappearing into the sky or not?

image credit: krakenman24/reddit

You just have to turn it around to realize that the scene is completely different from what it seems!

#6. At first glance, we have to admit that it really does seem like something is wrong …

image credit: Imgur

#7. A cyclist of great strength!

image credit: Imgur

#8. You realize something is wrong when you get back to your car and see … this.

image credit: reddit

It really looks like this car is levitating in the air, who knows if the owner will have managed to bring it back down.

#9. He looks pretty calm, sitting there …

image credit: Imgur

Yet, it would seem that this is a really dangerous situation!

#10. A morning walk on the beach?

image credit: reddit

Yes, but she decided to do it that way!

#11. The floating trash can

image credit: seyfaro/reddit

It will be a real challenge to successfully use it!

#12. Where does this car “drive”?

image credit: ArmadilloDays/reddit

And most important: how did she end up there?

#13. Boats in the sky? Here gravity really seems to have taken a vacation …

image credit: PrimalMusk/reddit

A photo which “speaks” for itself and which, at the start, manages to confuse us!

#14. And this? Can you explain it?

image credit: oef1000/reddit

#15. Where are the leaves really? Above water or below its surface?

image credit: reddit

A real enigma, capable of putting our brains to the test!

#16. In this case, gravity has not stopped: these are the animals that challenge it.

image credit: mayaxs/reddit

Ibex know how to defy gravity: it is quite natural for them to climb almost vertical slopes, as in this case. Awesome, isn’t it?

#17. Gravity vs. cat = 0 to 1

image credit: Goonbag_/reddit

#18. Where does it hang? A rather confusing image!

image credit: Tyedied/reddit

Were you able to quickly decipher these images? Which is the one that troubled you the most? Tell us in the comments !

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