14 People Who Got Around The Rules Creatively And Legally

Breaking the rules is always a mistake. But often people find a way around them, curious ways that require some genius and certainly a lot of creativity. As long as no one is hurt, it’s funny to see people trying to get around the literal meaning of the rules , and therefore looking to stay out of trouble. Often the most creative people in this area are kids who take what they’re told literally and adapt the rules to their advantage to gain the upper hand.

Let’s see a list of 14 people who managed to adapt the rules to their will .

#1. Food is prohibited in the living room, and tablets are prohibited in the kitchen: here is the solution!

image credit: 4Ever_Waiting / Twitter

#2. “Do not walk on flower beds”

#3. This bar was refused permission to set tables outside, the owner resolved the issue this way.

#4. The owner of the house stopped him from painting the wall, so he filled it with post-it notes.

image credit: pajameralls

#5.. In the New York subway, it is forbidden to bring animals if they are not in a bag.

image credit: dev_maxpayne

#6. In this American college, it is forbidden for boys to invite girls to their rooms, so these lovers had to organize themselves differently to see a film.

image credit: shewayout

#7. He was prohibited from entering the stadium and therefore hired a crane.

image credit: PepeTheMemeFrog

#8. The school forbids boys to wear shorts despite the sweltering heat, but skirts are allowed: here is the result!

image credit: BBC

#9. The girlfriend forbids the dog to sleep on the bed, so he goes to sleep on his bunk.

image credit: shockhead

#10. No skateboards, no bikes, no scooters, no skates. No problem !

image credit: xsited1/reddit

#11. In the swimming pool, drinks are not allowed, so they organize themselves differently.

image credit: XiKiilzziX/reddit

#12. Technically, he did what is written.

image credit: CosmicKeys/Reddit

#13. The drawer with the padlock contains items confiscated from children for misconduct, but they have “secret” and indirect access!

image credit: ihatethemaclab/reddit

#14. When you don’t have a lot of space in your room, you have to use whatever means are available!

image credit: Hemming17/reddit

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