In This Spa, You Can Enjoy A Hot-wine Jacuzzi, A Relaxing Break That Is Original, To Say The Least.

When we hear about certain foods and drinks, our mind immediately takes us to specific scenes, contexts, and times of the year. Think of mulled wine, for example, the typical hot drink made of red wine, sugar, citrus fruits, and aromatic spices immediately evokes winter, cold places, and cozy, somehow ” welcoming ” situations.

If you too, thinking about this typical Central European preparation, have imagined scenes like the ones described above, you can only be curious to discover the very special wellness center that we are going to tell you about. . What is it about? A spa which, in its jacuzzis, has decided to use a mixture of mulled wine instead of water!


image credit: SpaSeekers

It is not a place of the imagination of someone who has had one too many drinks, but indeed a very original spa located in Coventry, UK. SpaSeekers, that’s its name, allows customers to take a bath in a jacuzzi filled with mulled wine at the right temperature, as part of a wellness program based on the antioxidant properties of red wine and spices and citrus with which it is enriched.

A true paradise for all lovers of this hot and fragrant nectar, which obviously cannot be drunk in the bathtub but which is served in elegant glasses while enjoying the hydromassage. Blended and processed to achieve a neutral pH, as promised by SpaSeeker managers, mulled wine can help skin detoxify, flushing out toxins and providing exfoliating, antifungal, and antibacterial effects.


image credit: SpaSeekers

And the special “wine bath” experience can be complemented by various other luxury treatments, perfect for pampering yourself during a well-deserved break or for a special occasion. Do you want to try it? Who knows if sooner or later this very special Jacuzzi will make its appearance outside of England!

Sources : via: SpaSeekers

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