20 Photos That Seem To Be The Work Of Professionals But That Are The Result Of Chance

Have you ever taken a totally random photo and realized, seconds later, that you had created an almost professional image? If the answer is yes, you know very well that it is a wonderful feeling, because it can make us feel a bit like missed photographers.

Nowadays, with good quality photographic technology more and more readily available to everyone, it is really easy to create small masterpieces. The twenty people who have shared their photos with the world, who have nothing to envy to those obtained by a professional photographer, know something about it. Natural landscapes, lucky angles, perfect timing: check out these fascinating photos!

#1. I immortalized Amsterdam under the snow in a perfect postcard setting

image credit: gabrielguita/reddit

#2. Corfe Castle, England: it seems overwhelmed by the clouds of dawn

image credit: pjelllz/reddit

#3. Byron Bay Lighthouse in Australia featured in a near perfect photo!

image credit: kovu159/reddit

#4. The satisfaction of having taken such a photo can only be enormous!

image credit: Power181440/reddit

#5. A moment before touching the water: a brilliant photo and perfect timing!

image credit: Josh_Squash_/reddit

#6. This is not a professional photo, but just a photo of someone who knows how to capture their dog’s best moments!

image credit: erikmarthaler/reddit

#7. An enchanting landscape …

image credit: stamasa/reddit

#8. Autumn in all its magical beauty.

image credit: bethanyygrace/reddit

#9. Looks like a painting, but it’s not: what you see in the photo is my wife at our daughter’s wedding.

image credit: davidknivsta / reddit

#10. These flowers were imprisoned in a real “armor” of ice: isn’t that incredible?

image credit: whatshesmadeof/reddit

#11. The exact moment a seagull eclipses the setting sun …

image credit: omnificunderachiever/reddit

#12. A fascinating light phenomenon captured in Fairbanks, Alaska.

image credit: CheesePlank/reddit

#13. Sometimes you just need to grab the right scene at the right time!

image credit: Splooorky/reddit

#14. This sunlit rock looks like a huge glowing ball sticking out of the sea!

image credit: Cnoordz/reddit

#15. A Japanese maple immortalized at night.

image credit: theampersandrew/reddit

#16. This opening in the fence seems to have been made for the photo!

image credit: Whitfields_Lens/reddit

#17. I put my phone’s camera in “portrait” mode and that’s how he grabbed a fire in a campsite.

image credit: Scooter_Dooder/reddit

#18. Taken with a simple smartphone: luck and bravery!

image credit: Imgur

#19. Something disturbing and at the same time fascinating is my cup of coffee in this photo

image credit: drobertgj/reddit

#20. Boston at Dusk: Looks like one of those wallpaper photos, but it’s not professionally done at all!

image credit: thisisasimulation666/reddit

Have you ever taken “by chance” photos that look professional in every way?

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