Woman Finds Huge Hunter Spider In Her Son’s Toy Truck Protecting 200 Cubs

Australia, its wild nature, and the creatures that inhabit it have struck again. This is how we might sum up, with a touch of irony, what happened to Brooke Thorpe. This Tasmanian mom has made an unusual discovery in an even more unexpected place, with one of those episodes that could cause nightmares for those who can’t stand spiders.

Indeed, if you suffer from arachnophobia, we warn you: what you are going to read and see may not be for you. Brooke found a huge hunter spider that was “guarding” her eggs inside her 4-year-old son’s toy truck. If the description reminds you of a scene from a horror movie, know that in these parts of the world, similar discoveries are not at all rare!


image credit: Brooke Thorpe/Facebook

Australia is a continent that has truly spectacular nature and, in a way, unique. This is not the first time, regarding hunter spiders, that we find ourselves telling you about episodes like this. These arachnids, which can grow to a considerable size, are very common in these regions, so much so that many people are quite used to living with them. Also considering that they are not dangerous for humans and keep many insects away from homes.

The mother at the center of our story described the scene. As she watched her 4-year-old son play in the yard, the child brought her the toy truck. It was at this point that Brooke noticed that there was a guest in the back of the truck . The spider was there, watching over its eggs – probably 200! – and the discovery, instead of sowing panic among those present, was experienced with curiosity and joy.


image credit: Brooke Thorpe/Facebook

My son was delighted with his discovery,” said the woman, “we put the truck in a safe place until the eggs hatched.” So, with the courage and lucidity that would make any arachnophobe turn pale, the mother took pictures of the spider, acting absolutely calm.

It is obvious that the arachnid chose the child’s toy truck as the nesting site because it found the ideal climate and conditions there. Protected and isolated areas like this are indeed preferred by these animals, which should not be disturbed or moved in any way during such a delicate phase.

Besides the right precautions to take and the special characteristics of hunter spiders, we have to admit that seeing such a scene would have created a moment of disbelief in many people, arachnophobic or not.

source used: Daily Mail

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