Windowless Planes Will Make The Flight An Unforgettable, Super-panoramic Experience.

One of the main reasons for arguing when going on an airplane is deciding who will be standing next to the window. Unfortunately, it is not possible for every passenger to have one at their disposal to fully enjoy the magic of flight. At least for now! A British research and innovation company is designing a very special plane that could offer all passengers a breathtaking view !


image credit: Centre for Process Innovation/YouTube

Imagine the incredible sensations you would experience flying inside a clear glass airplane, then surrounded by clouds. These feelings could soon become a reality thanks to the prototype of the aircraft of the future created by the  Center for Process Innovation  ( CPI ) , a British research and development company. As you can see from the pictures, the plane has no windows and the whole fuselage is covered inside a giant OLED panel which can make the environment a huge virtual window with an amazing view.

The panels are connected to external micro cameras which reproduce the surrounding environment as closely as possible. If you’d rather not see what’s going on outside, you can always turn the screen into a touchscreen entertainment system .


image credit: Centre for Process Innovation/YouTube

For now, the planes of the future are still being studied and will not be able to take off for 10-15 years. The OLED technology at the base of the internal panels is that found in the most modern televisions, smartphones or tablets in obviously smaller dimensions. One of the problems to be solved is precisely how to produce such a large “screen”, but we are sure that within 10 years the technologies will be even more advanced.

The elimination of the windows is not only useful from an aesthetic point of view, it also allows to reduce the weight of the aircraft and, consequently, to further reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions. These reasons could make the British company’s proposal even more attractive and encourage some airlines to invest in this product. While waiting to take off with one of these fantastic means, you can enjoy the video presentation of the project. Have a nice trip !

Watch the video:

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