Wife Saves Husband From Heart Attack By Singing Bee Gees ‘stayin’ Alive .

There are situations that none of us would want to find ourselves in, not only because they are risky, but also because they generate anxiety, panic, and the need to think and act quickly. to try to save things. The Pearland, Texas woman who helped save her husband from a heart attack knows all about it.

Did you know that there are songs particularly suitable for performing an emergency maneuver such as cardiac massage? This is what a  study conducted in 2008 by the University of Illinois said. The best seems to be “Stayin ‘alive” by the Bee Gees , the world-famous disco-pop hit from 1977. Based on this assumption, the Texan bride in question, in those desperate moments, began to sing.


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The couple had just finished a three-kilometer jog when Quan Collins, Ganesa’s husband, suddenly collapsed to the ground , face forward. “I was stretching,” Collins said, “and he fell to the ground.” Instinctively realizing that something serious was happening, the woman called 911 and the operator on the other end of the phone told her that her husband was probably having a heart attack .


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According to his wife, Quan was no stranger to heart problems, but they were always minor. Assisted by the emergency services, Ganesa began to give her husband chest compressions, and it was at this very agonizing moment that she remembered “Stayin ‘Alive” and its “therapeutic” properties in case of heart emergency.


image credit: Ganesa Collins – ABC13

She started singing it, knowing that with 103 beats per minute , the song has the perfect cadence to score compressions , with rescue practices recommending around 100 compressions every 60 seconds. “I was doing resuscitation and at the same time helping myself by singing,” Ganesa said.

policeman came to her aid and helped her perform the maneuver. Soon after, Quan was rushed to hospital, where he underwent double bypass surgery. He was saved, and is now much better, in part because of what his wife Ganesa has achieved.


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“Properly performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation can triple the survival rate to cardiac arrest, but many people are reluctant to perform it because they don’t feel safe,” University of Illinois researchers said. who published this interesting study.

“ Stayin ‘alive , besides having the right tempo , also has a very powerful meaning when trying to save someone’s life,” the researchers said. Even though we hope that we never have to sing it in situations like that experienced by Quan and Ganesa, it is always useful to know how much it can save a life!

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 ABC 13

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