24 People Who Tried Internet Recipes And Failed Terribly

We have all failed a recipe.

In this quarantine, we have had time to do things that we did not think about before. Between starting hobbies or continuing the ones we already had, something we’ve all tried is cooking. Above all, it has become a trend to try to make fun desserts that we see daily on the networks.

However, not all of us have the ability to achieve a result equal to people who, even if they say it is simple, have more experience than us. Thinking about the latter, we decided to share with you 24 people who tried everything to follow their recipe to the letter but failed terribly.

#1. It seemed so simple:

#2. Something is wrong here:

#3. These even came packed just for frying.

#4. I think only the colors failed.

#5. The attempt was made:

#6. This is more difficult than it sounds.

#7. There are people who cannot even prepare some nachos.

#8. I think they toasted a little more.

#9. It takes a lot of practice that this person obviously didn’t have.

#10. Very close.

#11. Nothing appetizing.

#12. He almost made it.

#13. I admire the patience of someone who tries this:

#14. I guess the taste is the same.

#15. This one was simpler.

#16. How to prepare your dragon.

#17. Wait what ?!

#18. Someone else who was close.

#19. Pizza trees, close but not close enough.

#20. At least it’s the same theme.

#21. Close, very close.

#22. The secret is in patience.

#23. From a rainbow to a crime scene.

#24. It couldn’t be easier.

Do you have photos of your attempts to follow recipes? Share them with us! Send this gallery to your friends who know how to cook so they can see that we are not all as skilled as they are.

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