12 Photos Of People Who Started The Day The Worst Possible Way

We have all known those days when everything seems to go wrong. Without specific motivation, each of our actions seems doomed to end badly and, as if that were not enough, they end up triggering even worse ones. In these times of discouragement, nothing seems to allay the irritation of the situation. Take a look at these photos and let us know how you would have reacted if you had been in them.

#1. Super…

image credit: tab232/reddit

#2. Failed attempt to catch the train flying

image credit: Imgur

#3. What now?

image credit: lear85/reddit

#4. A quick way to cut it all …

image credit: junkhacker/reddit

#5. Leaving the car parked under a leaky pipe in the middle of winter was not a good idea …

image credit: Saucy-UK/imgur

#6. How is this possible ?!

image credit: basshead541/reddit

#7. How did she end up in the neighbor’s pool?

image credit: Reddit / renothedog

#8. Grrr, a classic …

image credit: Reddit / PostmanMatt

#9. “I can’t leave the house because we are in full lockdown. It happened to me this morning. Ah, I’m a freelance”

image credit: Reddit / shanky-phantom

#10. The bathroom cabinet decided to fall at 5am … Thunderous alarm clock guaranteed!

image credit: Reddit / OkayMolasses

#11. “I had them hidden in the oven so that the children wouldn’t take them …”

image credit: Reddit / _Dahl_

#12. “My 11 month old son hit me with one of his toys and broke my incisor in half”

image credit: Reddit / halfgermanreject

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