12 People Who Solved Their Daily Problems With Ingenuity And A Touch Of Madness.

Who says you need an engineering degree to be the author of memorable inventions? History and the reality that surrounds us teach us that it is often from the simplest and most fortuitous intuitions that the greatest discoveries are made.

Of course, no one here questions the importance of professionally done projects, but it is true that we human beings when we give ourselves courage and set a goal, we can really come up with ideas. that help us solve many everyday problems in an efficient and economical way. Even if they are not masterpieces of perfection. Just like the 13 people, we are going to show you, real geniuses “in disguise” as ordinary people.

#1. To refresh and dry clothes when it is too hot …

image credit: bagerfrede / reddit

#2. Every reader’s dream: one finger is enough to keep the book open!

image credit: Nextdy/reddit

#3. A broken vacuum cleaner? No problem, all it takes is a little ingenuity and know-how

image credit: beefcakemaximus/reddit

#4. A good idea to relax

image credit: K0EN1G5EGG/reddit

#5. I don’t have a webcam, but I have an old smartphone!

image credit: Clowarrior/reddit

#6. A swing in the garden? All you need is a chair and a few ropes! (Not the best in terms of security though …)

image credit: MegaFranek69/reddit

#7. The fourth leg of the gazebo did not fit into the brick, so I put it … in the water

image credit: trrrrrravis/reddit

#8. An old washing machine drum has had its “second life”

image credit: LenkuCezaris/reddit

#9. Handcrafted but undoubtedly effective

image credit: MaxwellIsSmall/reddit

#10. I turned the hi-hat on my battery into a handy disinfectant dispenser

image credit: joaopedrocg27/reddit

#11. We wonder how he drives, but he certainly managed to put all the load on the car.

image credit: 0Spryth0/reddit

#12. Now it’s a comfortable heated pool!

imagecredit: GeneReddit123 / reddit

Have you ever solved a problem with solutions like this?

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