20 People Who Managed To Miss Their Simple Job

The work of each of us is made up of daily challenges, trials that we must undergo, joys, anger, and obviously also mistakes. While it is true that we learn to improve ourselves by making mistakes and trying new things, it is also a fact that for some tasks we shouldn’t have too many difficulties, especially if they are simple.

And yet, all of this is by no means taken for granted, and the occasions when something goes wrong can be counted in the thousands. We realize this whenever we are faced with mistakes so gross that it seems impossible to us. We are not talking about complicated tasks, but people who maybe only had one specific task to complete and unfortunately managed to fail even in this area. Check them out in the 20 photos we’ve put together below: Maybe they should change jobs, don’t you think?

#1. Matching image and text: a very big problem.

image credit: SmugHatKid12/reddit

#2. Maybe one of the workers who painted the lines in the street was on a lunch break..

image credit: Imgur

#3. No, after the 3 does not come the 5.

image credit: BOMD2BITZ/reddit

#4. Difficult to understand where to go, really very difficult.

image credit: HelenKiller666/reddit

#5. So where do you throw the plastic and paper?

image credit: reddit

#6. A little higher, a little more. Oops. too much!

image credit: choo_Gesundheit / reddit

#7. Congratulations, really a super functional kitchen!

image credit: Imgur

#8. What is this strange water?

image credit: CMikeHunt/reddit

#9. Make way for cyclists! Or not ?

image credit: Imgur

#10. Be careful, slow down: there is an “STPO” there!

image credit: Imgur

#11. Still, what a laptop computer looks like should be well known to all … especially those who build it!

image credit: Imgur

#12. Great idea to place this bench right there!

image credit: Imgur

#13. Not even the effort to give a definition to these “long yellow things” …

image credit: reddit

#14. Sanitize your hands … if you can!

image credit: oxomiya_lora/reddit

#15. A ramp for people with reduced mobility who prefer thrills …

image credit: OlivierDeCarglass/reddit

#16. Was it that hard to center the plate?

image credit: Imgur

#17. Just by looking at it, you instantly feel uneasy ….

image credit: Tombombleron / reddit

#18. Over here for a good fall!

image credit: easydata / reddit

#19. Canada, that stranger.

image credit: Imgur

#20. Have you ever listened to the Red Hot Chilly Paper? However, you only had to read the album cover to spell it correctly ….

image credit: Imgur

Which of these duds at work amazed and amused you the most?

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