16 Strange Animals That Live In Australia And You Can See Them Even When You Go To The Supermarket.

When we talk about Australia, the first thing you think of is the local fauna, such as kangaroos. However, Australians live in constant contact with wildlife even if they don’t want it, simply because there is nowhere else to go. The wildlife in the country looks like something out of a horror movie and even birds or insects can cause nightmares that terrify tourists. 

1.Any hidden corner becomes the home of some animal. 

2. Lizards are plentiful, but in Australia I’m sure there are more than elsewhere. 

3. You better think 2-3 times before you jump in the water at this place. 

4. In Australia no one has any doubts why fishermen are armed. 

5. The insolence of birds in the country is so high that they even get into restaurants. 

6. Parrots are like pigeons to Australians. 

 7. They have no shame, they drink beer in public. 

8. “This Australian wide-mouthed chick fell out of the nest, I had to climb a tree to put it back down”

9. Wild turkeys mainly live in the mountains, but often want to visit the city. 

10. This is an echidna, an animal that looks like a small porcupine, a relative of the platypus.

11. This hunting spider came out of the teapot to wish you good morning. 

12. “A little spider got into the grill and could get hurt. Luckily I noticed her and got her out of there.

13. Giant spiders are nothing strange. The bad thing is that they cannot burn all the houses.

14. “The snake has been living in the shed for a while, his name is Henry, but the spider is new.”

15. Adult kangaroos are dangerous, but babies are very cute. 

16. The only harmless animal in Australia is this, the quokka. 

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