15 Wedding Dresses From The Last Century That Are Still Dreaming Today.

Fashions change and, in some cases, return. Just think of certain brands or the style of certain dresses and trousers that, over the years, have been re-proposed in a revisited form. The same goes for wedding dresses, which have inevitably taken on different shapes over time, thanks to the innovative creativity of designers who have had to adapt to the different demands of modern clients. If we look today at princely wedding dresses, mermaid dresses, short front or in colors other than white for women, tuxedos in shades of blue, gray or black for men, what did those outfits before? This is the OldSchoolCool group who reveals it to us, thanks to the photos that Internet users have shared of their grandparents, uncles and parents on their special day a real debauchery of class and elegance. Let’s see 15.

1. 1942

“My grandmother Hazel in her silk wedding dress in 1942.”

2. London, 1946

“Uncle Bob and Aunt Joan on their wedding day, London, 1946. Her wedding dress was made from recycled parachute silk.”

3. New York, 1931

“My grandmother in her wedding dress, 1931, Yonkers, NY.”

4. 1951

“My maternal grandmother on her wedding day, 1951. The wedding dress was designed and sewn entirely by her”.

5. 1971

“1971. My mom bought her wedding dress for $10.”

6. The dream dress

“My grandparents were minors (20 and 19) when they got married in the 1950s. They had to get their parents’ permission. My grandma still has my dream wedding dress.”

7. Japan, early 20th century

“Japanese Woman in Traditional Wedding Dress at the Beginning of the 20th Century”.

8. Atlantic City, 1948

“My mother in her custom-made wedding dress. She had a long train. Atlantic City, 1948”.

9. 50s

“My gorgeous grandmother in her wedding dress, 1950s.”

10. 60s

“My grandmother in her wedding dress in the 1960s.”


11. 20s

“My great-grandmother’s wedding dress, 1920s.”

12. 1952

“My grandfather’s wedding photo, 1952. Grandmother sewed her wedding dress.”

13. 1963

“My grandmother in her wedding dress that she made herself. 1963.”

14. 1903

“My great-grandmother on her wedding day in 1903. This is the first time I’ve seen a 1900 wedding dress that isn’t floor-length.”

15. Role Model

“My grandmother in her wedding dress, 1963. The managers of downtown Macy’s department store found her so beautiful that they asked to hang this picture in their bridal department, and she stayed there for 30 years”.

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