Visual challenge – Can you see the second hidden face within 4 seconds?

Do you want a useful, simple and fun tool to stimulate the mind? You can take advantage of puzzles online, pastimes that users love to enjoy in their free time to put to the test, from equations made up of symbols, to mathematical problems, to having to identify the hidden element, up to a.nice and suggestive nature: in this article we offer you a truly fascinating. Precisely the latter are depopulating and amusing the people of the web due to their optical illusions examples one’s visual, logical and intuitive abilities. There are many

If you are a enthusiast of optical illusions or simply like this type of game, you won’t be able to miss appreciate this truly stimulating visual challenge. What makes the concentration test more complicated is the time available: you only have 4 seconds time to be able to see the hidden image.

The charm of this game is precisely that of presenting you with a drawing which at first glance seems not to be mysterious: in this case, the first thing you will most likely see is the face of a man with voluminous hair and a pronounced nose, a mouth that forms a grimace and rather accentuated dark circles. Obviously, as you will have already understood, it is not the only thing you should be able to see the image also hides another face, that of a woman. But where?


To be able to find it in just four seconds, you need to have a truly brilliant mind, capable of studying the world for longer not indifferent.observation mental and visual approach, in addition to a capacity for ordinarynon-, in fact, they will only be able to see the old man. Optical illusions require a look and go beyond appearances: those who stop at the first angles

So, off to the stopwatch and eyes focused on the image, embrace it with your eyes and let yourself go transport by intuition!

Once the time expires, you can decide to continue trying if necessary. Alternatively, swipe to find where the hidden face is. 

The face of the hidden woman: that’s where it is

The hidden face of the woman is right there: to be able to see it, it was necessary to turn it upside down and know how to look beyond. schemas to face these tests, it is necessary to exit give them perspective. As we had suggested, the solution was to observe the drawing from a “different angle”, that is, a different 180 degrees the image, rotating it

Did you manage to see the woman within the stipulated time? What was your result?

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