Huge Telescope Crashes To Ground After Cable Breaks. Video Of Collapse Is Astounding

Amassive scientific loss , filmed by a drone camera in a frightening collapse that affected the giant telescope at Arecibo , Puerto Rico.

For 56 years, the astronomical observation instrument has been a record-breaking device since, until 2016, it held the record for the largest single-dish radio telescope in the world. A truly respectable career that unfortunately ended in a dramatic fashion on December 1, 2020, when the structure, already heavily damaged, no longer resisted and collapsed on itself, as shown in the impressive video that we will show you.


image credit: MDx media/Youtube

The sad end of the observation deck had unfortunately already been in the air for quite some time. Engineers had warned that the 900-ton suspended structure could fall on the huge 305-meter-wide dish at any time .


image credit: MDx media/Youtube

In early November 2020, one of the main support cables broke, and from that point on, the end of the telescope was sealed.


image credit: MDx media/Youtube

This colossal collapse happened shortly before 8 a.m. on December 1, 2020, and as the video that filmed it makes clear, it was a disastrous collapse to say the least , given that it also swept away with him various structures to which the telescope had hung since 1964, the year in which it began to operate.


image credit: MDx media/Youtube

The Arecibo instrument was at the heart of very important astronomical discoveries during its years of activity, which is why its loss almost represents a “mourning” in the scientific world.


image credit: MDx media/Youtube

The causes that led to a collapse of this magnitude are unclear (we are talking about poor maintenance), nor whether the structure will be rebuilt or completely dismantled . What is certain is that looking at the footage of the collapse really hurts and we can only hope that it is not a final ending.

Watch the video:

via: Nature

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