A Very Rare Metallic Blue Tarantula, Even Those Who Don’t Like Spiders Will Find It Fascinating

It is difficult to approach a spider in peace and safety without feeling an instinctive sense of loathing and loathing: most humans experience a mixture of terror and fear at the mere sight of members of the arachnid family; yet there are those who, out of passion or study, analyze and photograph them very, very closely. Did you know, for example, that there are very rare bright blue tarantulas in nature?


This particular species bears the scientific name of Poecilotheria metallica and is the only species of arachnid in nature which presents this very particular coloring: they are indeed the only tarantulas to present this bright blue color.

Too bad this tarantula has become increasingly rare and that it is officially an endangered species …


The blue tarantula is typical of southeast India , an area of ​​around 100 square kilometers today continually threatened by deforestation and local civil unrest.


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The size of this tarantula is around 5-6 centimeters , and their predominant color is metallic blue. It is an arboreal tarantula that usually lives in holes in the bark of trees, where it creates its den by weaving a web. Its natural prey are flying insects like moths or butterflies, but it also eats other insects like crickets, cockroaches.

Despite its intimidating appearance, the metallic blue tarantula is not poisonous and therefore in no way dangerous to humans.


Of course, unless you are an amateur or a scholar, we recommend that you don’t get too close to her either!


It’s hard not to feel a sense of revulsion at a tarantula this size, and yet its natural metallic blue color is so fascinating and unique in the world that it deserves to be known!

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