Usa: Team Of Scientists Discover Mysterious “Monolith” That Looks Like Something Out Of A Sci-fi Movie

Who among us, at least once in his life, has not armed himself with headphones, dim light and has not decided to catapult ourselves, also thanks to the notes of his soundtrack, into the dreamlike and sci-fi universe of 2001, a space odyssey?

Kubrick’s timeless film made us experience moments of wonder and reflection with a work that has always left viewers with many question marks. The same ones that accompanied the surprising discovery made by a group of biologists in a desert area of ​​Utah, United States.


Engaged in a reconnaissance tour to watch for sheep in the area, operators from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resource, as well as pilots from the Department of Public Safety, sighted a strange object, to say the least . They found themselves in front of a sort of silvery , shiny monolith , placed in the middle of a cove of red rock.

In an interview with a local channel, pilot Bret Hutchings said he had never seen anything like it in all his years of service in a helicopter.


Imagine the scene: how not to notice the singular brilliance without remaining speechless in front of an “unidentified” object about 3 meters high that immediately brings to mind scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s film? Those who discovered it ironically considered the possibility of a hypothetical tribute from some fans of the director to the famous film as well as – more likely – an art installation .


This last hypothesis is not to be ruled out at all. Just think of the work of the German Max Siedentopf who did something similar in the Namibian desert, installing 6 white speakers that will forever play the notes of Toto’s song “Africa”.

The biologists who made the discovery therefore rule out the possibility of a scientific study hidden behind the object, and even more distant seems to be the possibility of contact with an extraterrestrial life form.


But despite everything, the origin of the monolith is still unclear and must be studied . Who knows if one day biologists and pilots will not find out that they were projected for a while in a movie only to tell us all about it and take us on a journey with our minds to unexplored worlds …



via: KSL TV

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