18 Images That Show An Unknown Side To Many Of The Common Things

There is a category of people with a gleam in their eyes who constantly ask questions from the series “What if …?” Should you put the included griddle in the freezer? If you tie a butter sandwich on your cat’s back? If you throw a steel ball from a window onto concrete? We present the results of some of these experiments, the practical significance of which is unknown even to their authors.

#1. This happens when lightning strikes the sand.

#2. In water, the M&M paint peels off, but does not mix with each other due to the diffusion barrier.

#3. This “gummy worm” candy was dry and frozen. Do not ask why.

#4. This is what happened to an orange in the scorching heat.

#5. Over the years long forgotten, latex gloves have completely dried out and fallen apart.

#6. The most beautiful ray shots are obtained with a long exposure.

#7. This is what a sign looks like, the paint of which was burned in the sun and cracked

#8. The dragee candies drowned, but the letters painted on them did not

#9. This is the amount of bacteria you can get from a child’s hand after playing in the park.

#10. Moisture dripping ink looks like a surreal pattern

#11. A cat’s paw on a toy plasma ball.

#12. Iodine absorbs X-rays well, so if you rub your hand with it, you get a contrasting image.

#13. Beet juice has an unexpected way of solidifying, in the form of folds.

#14. Can the coconut be polished? Sure you can and this is how it will look.

#15. The marker was kept in the microwave for a while.

#16. Temperature -74, Antarctica. This is what will happen to food in such conditions.

#17. Such a trace remained on the tire after driving on a hot day drawing with chalk on the asphalt.

#18. A red-hot marble ball thrown into cold water

There are many things that we do not know yet, but here is an answer to some questions that perhaps we asked ourselves or perhaps we have never asked ourselves. Whatever your case, do not leave without sharing this gallery.

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