Unique And Perfectly Preserved Ceremonial Chariot Discovered In Pompeii, It Was About To Be Stolen

The archaeological site of Pompeii continues to offer surprises and wonders to all mankind. It is not the first time, in fact, that the site of the ancient Roman city buried by the disastrous eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD has been talked about for new and exciting discoveries.

The one we are going to tell you about is an incredible ceremonial tank, which caught the attention of archaeologists after a foiled theft attempt in a Pompeian villa. A potentially very serious event resulted in a sensational discovery, a never-before-seen object that is valuable new evidence of a magical place that has stood “still” for hundreds and hundreds of years.


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Unfortunately, even in the places where we should show the greatest respect and the greatest caution, there are those who decide to carry out real illegal excavations to loot works, artefacts and testimonies. The area in question is that of Civita Giuliana , and fortunately the theft attempt was foiled just in time.


image credit: News5/Twitter

The Roman villa in the sights of criminals has been saved from attempted theft and it is inside that archaeologists have had the incredible opportunity to come into contact with an object as wonderful as it was unexpected.

What is it about ? A splendid ceremonial chariot, probably used at the time for a wedding of important people. Such objects were in fact reserved for the aristocratic elites of Roman society, who used them during parades, those who deserved the maximum of pomp and visibility.


image credit: News5/Twitter

The tank, probably a Pilentum, surprised everyone with its state of preservation, defined as excellent by experts. So much so that it still displays its decorations, red in color, as well as traces of the cushions, the ropes used to fix the flowers, and even two ears of wheat.


image credit: News5/Twitter

This is, as the Italian cultural authorities and the experts involved in the Pompeii excavations point out, an extraordinary discovery, to say the least, since a ceremonial object of this type had never been found before in Italy. . The scientific, historical and archaeological value is therefore immense, to the point that it could mark an important turning point in the knowledge of the objects of the time.


image credit: Mentnafunangann/Wikimedia – Not the actual photo

Pompeii never ceases to fascinate, giving us all wonderful testimonies. Who knows what we will discover more of this spectacular buried city …

source used: Pompeiisites.org

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