Two Women Buy An Old School Bus And Turn It Into A Comfortable, Fully-equipped House.

When it comes to housing, those who want to opt for original and unusual housing solutions are really spoiled for choice. Tiny houses, containers, buildings made of particular structures are not the only possibilities to live far from what traditional canons are. The choice of the two women we are going to talk about is proof of this.

Would you ever think of living in an old school bus? If the answer is no, you probably wouldn’t get along with Christine and Kathy, a young couple who decided to turn an imposing 1988 Crown Coach bus into a charming house on wheels. A renovation which was undoubtedly difficult, but which has borne fruit.


image credit: adelita_buslife/Instagram

7,500 dollars : this is the sum spent by the two women of Los Angeles to buy the vehicle that would become their extraordinary home. With the intention of making it a welcoming home, equipped with all comforts , they began to plan the renovations.


image credit: adelita_buslife/Instagram

The old dilapidated school bus had to be made habitable , and not just a means of transport or to go on vacation. Christine and Kathy were going to live there, in order to save on rent and ensure a solution that was both practical and original.


So Adelita began to take shape. Yes, that’s the name the couple gave to their house-bus. With the help of several professionals, the bus was emptied of its old seats and fitted with electricity, plumbing, air conditioning and much more .


The furniture was made to measure and in the 27.7 square meters of the bus, in the end, nothing is missing. Living room with TV cabinet, kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, a cupboard, a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, bedroom and of course the driving position: everything is distributed as well as possible and designed for exploit every inch of usable space.


image credit: adelita_buslife/Instagram

Granted, this is an essential solution and certainly not as spacious as a real house, but it is certainly intriguing to think that where you live can go anywhere too . Not to mention that the transformation desired by Kathy and Cristine is truly incredible: you only have to look at the photos to be fascinated.


Renovation costs were around $ 42,500, for a total of $ 50,000 if you also include the money spent to buy the bus. Not bad, considering the average house prices in the Californian metropolis!


A truly impressive transformation project which we are sure will bring great satisfaction to this couple. Especially since it is a creation designed from scratch by their own hands.


image credit: adelita_buslife/Instagram

What do you think ? Would you make such a choice ?


source used: adelita_buslife/Instagram

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