Two “Platistes” Try To Reach The End Of The Earth (Supposedly Flat) By Boat: They Take The Wrong Island And Are Arrested

Although the evidence to the contrary is now numerous and varied, there are still those who even today find it difficult to believe that the Earth is round. And these are not mere opinions, hypotheses, or vague fantasies about a geographical fact as simple as it is extravagant, but real theories, with many “demonstrations”, explanations and plots of all kinds aimed at supporting such concept.

It is no coincidence that today there are several associations that try, in truth without much success, to refute the bases of the teaching that we all receive. A demonstration of these extreme beliefs and their rather disappointing results is the story we are going to tell you. The protagonists? Two “platistes” who have decided to go by boat for the trip of their life: to reach the “edge of the world”.


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A conspiracy as incredible as it is mysterious on a global scale. Ask any Flat Earth supporter, and they’ll definitely tell you about something like this. However, so far, when it comes to hard evidence, it has to be said that these theories have turned out to be rather disappointing. However, for people who believe that the Earth is a huge flat expanse, the most obvious evidence does nothing: they would do anything to prove that they are right.


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The couple of platistes in question is proof of this. The two Italians, a middle-aged husband and wife, made headlines as they crossed the entire Italian peninsula from north to south to Sicily on their way to the supposed edge of Earth. Once there, they sold their car to buy a boat that would take them to Lampedusa, the Mediterranean island located between Italy and Africa and considered the real end of the world.

It all happened during containment for the Coronavirus pandemic. The two then decided, disregarding the dozens of restrictions in place, that they had had enough and that they were going to try the ultimate adventure. How would they orient themselves once at sea? Simple: using a compass . Too bad that, as some experts have pointed out, this is an instrument which, in order to function, is based on the principle that the Earth is not a flat disc …


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“Small” switching error aside, the two weighed anchor in the direction of the suspected limit. But while they were in the water, something went wrong . No one knows exactly how, but the couple, instead of arriving in Lampedusa, ended up in Ustica, another Sicilian island that, however, has nothing to do with the longed-for end of the Earth.

Bad road, poor navigation skills, orientation problems? Many questions arise, but it is certain that the couple paid a high price for their eagerness to prove the Flat Earth theory. The trip of these flatist adventurers did not last more than three hours and, once disembarking in Ustica, disoriented and confused, the two were arrested by the authorities, who imposed a quarantine on them, to which they even attempted a desperate flight.


image credit: Trekky0623/Wikimedia

Husband and wife were eventually forced to return home, overland, and without the opportunity to prove they were right. A story is so surreal it seems false but is 100% real. We hope that this couple will never decide to try again, perhaps even more motivated by their first disappointment.

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