18 Times Perspective Played Tricks On People By Creating Absurd Images

Have you ever experienced a scene that had the power to confuse your brain for a few seconds? If the answer is yes, do not worry, it is quite normal: you have been the victims – like everyone else – of intriguing games of perspective, of those which did not allow you to decipher the images straight away. that was in front of you.

People in strange or “impossible” positions, “lying” animals, disturbing and curious overlaps: perspective is really everything in life. It is no coincidence that often it is enough to change – even if only a little – the angle from which we observe things to see everything with different eyes … The photos that we have gathered here- below show, have fun finding out if you can figure out the “secrets” behind these absolutely unique images!

#1. In public transport, we make strange encounters.

image credit: ckkuban/reddit

#2. What are we looking at here?

image credit: crinnoire/reddit

#3. Perfect timing and a good perspective!

image credit: luiscedneo/reddit

#4. Where is the rest of the dog?

image credit: Jaymbotherainbow/reddit

#5. Time for a selfie and … the arm is gone!

image credit: abrimelo/reddit

#6. How many cats are there? How is it possible ?

image credit: reddit

#7. Do you think these are three different photos or just one?

image credit: akbal7/reddit

#8. Here too, it seems that two images are superimposed …

image credit: Dompiotrek/reddit

#9. A scary scene: It took a while before he realized it was a cat and a curious play of shadow and light …

image credit: reddit

#10. A very special horse, don’t you think?

image credit: reddit

#11. Congratulations on the giant hand!

image credit: reddit

#12. It’s quite disturbing …

image credit: MotherKokoNutz/reddit

#13. Tire marks look three-dimensional!

image credit: Zevyn/reddit

#14. We don’t know where to watch it! How is it possible ?

image credit: Raptors_McFlaptors/reddit

#15. This guy finally managed to … levitate! Or is it just a game of perspective?

image credit: reddit

#16. Dog and Stool: There is definitely something wrong with this scene …

image credit: AchEn35/reddit

#17. It doesn’t look like his legs down there …

image credit: spaghetti0223/reddit

#18. A curious piece of road art that you can walk on!

image credit: LoneDraco/reddit

Have you ever been confused for a moment at scenes like these?

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