Man Discovers 1,300 Gold Coins While Observing Birds, A Treasure Buried For Nearly Two Millennia

This is not the first time that we speak of real treasures discovered by pure chance by people who had not imagined in the least that they could come across them. We’re talking about all of these sensational and unexpected discoveries that are making the news and causing a stir and fascination precisely because they could happen, potentially, to anyone.

The man we’re about to tell you about knows all about this, for he discovered a real treasure while watching birds in a field in eastern England. Under the ground, there was a significant number of ancient pieces, analyzed and valued by experts as valuable objects, to say the least.


image credit: Treasure Hunting – Daily Mail

As he pursued a Common Hawk, the attention of the man – who has remained anonymous – was caught by a reflection coming from the ground. As well as being an avid bird watcher, the lucky explorer also has a metal detector, although on this day – as he later recounted – his intention was not to go hunting at all. treasure.

The golden glow, however, was worth studying. And it didn’t take long for him to find out that it came from a room that seemed very, very old. After noticing that there were more in the immediate vicinity, the man ran home to retrieve his trusty tool and continued his search. In a few hours, he unearthed some 1,300 pieces dating from AD 40 to 50 .


image credit: Treasure Hunting – Daily Mail

For nearly 2,000 years, this money was buried there, “swallowed up” by unsuspected English soil. Needless to describe the man’s surprise when he realized what was in front of him. After the experts’ analysis, it was announced that each coin has a value of around 720 euros which, multiplied by 1,300, gives results that are at the very least astonishing. The treasure, in fact, would be worth more than 900,000 euros!

According to experts, the pieces date back to the time when the Celtic queen Boadicea led the greatest revolt against the Romans, at the head of the tribe of Iceni. It is possible that the parts in question were some kind of deposit, hidden there so that they could be used when needed. Whatever the history of these fascinating pieces, the exceptional character of the find is beyond doubt.


image credit: Boadicea Haranguing the Britons – John Opie/Wikimedia Commons

“I was out of breath – told the anonymous discoverer – I had only gone out for a walk and found myself in front of a Celtic treasure”. The responsible authorities will now decide whether the man can keep what he has discovered to himself or whether he will have to donate the precious objects to a museum for a fee to be shared with the owner of the land.

An extraordinary discovery not only for him but for all of humanity, who thanks to these pieces has the opportunity to come into close contact with precious and fascinating elements, able to tell us more about our past and over a full period. events like the one in which Queen Boadicea lived. Who knows how many other similar treasures might be buried beneath our feet.

source used: Daily Mail

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