Lyon: A Group Of Future Veterinarians Travels The City To Treat The Animals Of The Homeless

Not everyone around us is fortunate enough to have a roof, four walls for shelter, and sufficient economic stability to live in dignity. It is a certain fact, just as it is clear that each one, with his capacities, can always make himself useful to help his neighbor and those less fortunate.

Sometimes, in fact, it is enough to put into practice what one knows how to do and to give it to those who need it in order to be at the center of great proofs of humanity. As are the 115 veterinary students in France who have decided to devote their free time to helping homeless animals.


image credit: Student Veterinary Dispensary

We are in Lyon, where Ana Alkan , 25, has decided, as co-president of the Veterinary Students’ Association, to launch a simply laudable initiative . She and many other future vets work hard to help homeless pets, all those four-legged friends who are often the only company of many men and women who have nowhere to live.


image credit: Ana Alkan Rubert / Facebook

With a stethoscope and basic necessities in hand, twice a week, the young veterinary students visit shelters and neighborhoods in the city where the homeless are found and distribute care, food, leashes. and accessories to all animals in need. Although they have not yet received the “official” authorization to organize real outpatient care, it seems that the project is developing, in particular thanks to the intervention of the authorities.


image credit: Lyon Student Veterinary Dispensary / Facebook

“Some people who live on the streets prefer to feed their animals rather than feed themselves – Ana said commenting on her charity initiative – homeless handlers have very strong bonds with their animals.” That’s why she and the other students decided to help all those people in the shadows, for whom losing a pet would mean no longer having that comfort they have day in and day out.


image credit: Lyon Student Veterinary Dispensary / Facebook

An initiative that deserves to be replicated in all cities, isn’t it?

Source: /  Medgazette24

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