To Win Back His Ex-fiancée, He Built The “Island Of Love” Using All His Savings.

Love is that feeling that can make people do crazy things. What are you ready to do to see a smile on the face of someone you love? And what are you ready to do to win back someone who seems hopelessly lost? It is the story of a heartbroken man who, out of love, was ready to build an ” island of love ” in the hope of winning back his ex-girlfriend.


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The couple decided to go their separate ways after the man, known as Xu, moved from the countryside to his hometown to help her parents, but the girl remained in town. But Xu was not at all convinced by this separation and, in the hope of winning back the woman he loved, he used all his savings – over one hundred thousand yuan (about 13,000 euros) – to build a new life for himself. small deserted island, soft and out of the ordinary.


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Because Xu says he is a shy and introverted person and finds it difficult to express his feelings in words: he prefers to show them through gestures. And did this crazy and extremely romantic gesture help bring them together? Unfortunately no: Xu failed to win back the heart of his ex-girlfriend, but on the other hand the deserted island, in the village of Hetou – in southern China – has become a real tourist attraction for couples. looking for a quiet and romantic place.  


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How did Xu manage to build a desert island? He hired a team: the island covers an area of ​​20-30 square meters and is covered with thick pink vegetation, including grass and flowering peach and cherry trees which – in Chinese culture – are precisely symbols of love. There is an arch bridge that leads to a romantic spot, a swing in the middle of the island, and a heart-shaped stone paved path. How is it possible that the girl, faced with this romanticism, did not waver? She remains firm in her position but is sincerely moved by Xu’s grand gesture. She told him, “Thank you for your sincere dedication. You will find someone better than me.” Despite the final answer and far from what the man hoped for, His gesture was nevertheless useful, and now this island has become a symbol of love: it is a favorite place for marriage proposals and a perfect place for photoshoots.

source used: Mirror

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