15 Times Mechanics Got Their Hands In Their Hair In Front Of The Most Battered Cars

There are people who spend a good part of their days in their cars. We may not realize it, but sometimes cars become like “second homes”, places that can transport us here and there but are not without problems.

And cars, just like us, sometimes need a health check. Who are their doctors? Obviously, the mechanics, who day after day gets their hands on thousands of cars, some well maintained, others in what could be described as a dismal condition. This is the case with all those cars brought to the garage by people who, through negligence, distraction, lack of time or money, never thought they could break down … just look at the photos that we have put together below to realize that there are certain levels that should never be reached, both for safety and for decency. Ready to take a journey through the most incredible mechanical horrors?

#1. Yes, it came to the garage driving like this, and this car had been in this condition for 3 days ….

image credit: jlbw78/reddit

#2. At least they stayed warm …

image credit: illshifft/reddit

#3. When you argue with the mechanic about the cost of the repair and ask to get the old engine back ….

image credit: reddit

#4. No, this is definitely not the best way to fix a tire.

image credit: profeshonalmeechanik/reddit

#5. “Warning! The accelerator pedal gets stuck: pull the rope to decelerate!”

image credit: Imgur

#6. There may still be room for the mechanic ….

image credit: KaliRobles/reddit

#7. For good taste we will go back … For the vision of the dashboard too!

image credit: thewaffleofrofl/reddit

#8. The warning lights on this car will stay on, creating a real light show!

image credit: reddit

#9. He drove like that for 700 km: maybe it was time to get them fixed as soon as possible ….

image credit: KungFuFactory/reddit

#10. Probably the most worn tire you’ve ever seen – you can even see yourself in the reflection!

image credit: BooteIs/reddit

#11. Unexpected guests in the garage …

image credit: Crestfallencorpse/reddit

#12. Years and years of non-maintenance: this is the result!

image credit: reddit

#13. The owner assured me he doesn’t bite … Hope it does!

image credit: profeshonalmeechanik/reddit

#14. Probably the longest object ever to be taken from a tire!

image credit: worth-towing/reddit

#15. A nice “little hole”, without a doubt!

image credit: HopefulSwine2/reddit

Next time these people might visit the mechanic a little earlier.

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