Three Young Mechanics Transform A Car Into An Auto “Powered” By A Tandem.

How far can creativity go? Such a question would undoubtedly deserve a very long answer but one thing is certain: we sometimes witness such unique experiences that we do not know whether to classify them in the sphere of the creative or the madness.

Maybe in reality it’s both, and you can only think so when you look at what the young American mechanics we are going to talk about have invented. Cars and bikes are very different vehicles, it is useful to remember it. And yet the creators of Life OD have succeeded in creating an absolutely incredible sort of “hybrid”. What is it about? A small car powered – so to speak – by a bicycle, or rather a tandem, to be precise.


image credit: Life OD/Youtube

Car or bike? This vehicle is probably both, and it is no coincidence that photos and videos of this vehicle have quickly taken to the web. It’s not every day that you see a “thing” like this on the road, and it is certainly not a project safe and tested enough to be replicated. But let’s find out in detail.

How much energy does it take to move a car? Judging from the experience of the mechanics of Life OD, the power generated by pedaling a tandem is sufficient. These young experimenters decided to take an old, regular Honda Civic, open the hood, and modify its transmission system so that it could be propelled by the dual bike they welded onto the car.


image credit: Life OD/Youtube

Crazy or brilliant idea? Probably both, but after a long process of work and transformation, documented in detail in a video later shared on their YouTube channel, these mechanics managed to make the car move with their legs, while pedaling .


image credit: Life OD/Youtube

Of course, this is an amateur and handcrafted project, and the Civic-tandem did not travel faster than 7-10 km / h , but it did work, and for them, it was already a great achievement. . The tandem, which emerges from the engine compartment of the car, is propelled by the pedaling of two young people, who in turn managed to move the car forward.

Needless to say, this unusual vehicle caught the attention of all passers-by and motorists during the test, in which a police car also appeared and stopped the boys. The agent must have wondered, and it is indeed difficult to categorize such a vehicle!


image credit: Life OD/Youtube

In the end, no one was fined or arrested, and it goes without saying that it is better not to get involved privately in projects of this type, which could have serious consequences in terms of road safety. The fact remains that the adventure documented by Life OD has been incredible, and who knows if it will not lead to groundbreaking ideas for other daring inventors in the future!

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