This Woman Saved An Octopus By Putting It Back Into Water, And She ‘thanks’ It By Holding Out One Of Its Tentacles.

There are so many ways an animal can thank us for saving its life. And no, we are not talking about dogs or cats, or any other animal species that tradition and society have accustomed to living in our homes as if they were real members of the family. What happened to this young Asian woman on the edge of a beach is incredible and shows that even certain species of animals have a form of intelligence that should not be underestimated!


image credit: Pei Yan Heng/YouTube

Did you know that sea ​​octopuses are animals of extraordinary intelligence and calculating capacity? Far from possessing a conscience or feelings of attachment, this common marine species have capacities that are too little known. A mundane but nevertheless incredible demonstration of what they are capable of happened to Pen Yan Heng, a young Asian who rescued an octopus stranded on a beach and brought it back to the sea…


image credit: Pei Yan Heng/YouTube

A seemingly simple gesture for the young Asian, who had underestimated the intelligence of the sea creature which, before penetrating the depths and distances of the ever deeper sea, decided to set its eight tentacles in motion to address a special “thank you” to the woman who gave him freedom in his natural habitat…


image credit: Pei Yan Heng/YouTube

As Pen’s incredible video shows, as soon as the octopus is released into the water, it slowly approaches the woman’s foot and stretches out one of its tentacles almost as if to hug it for that freedom. found … But is it really the case?


image credit: Pei Yan Heng/YouTube

It’s hard to read anything more “human” in the octopus’ reaction to the woman, but the fact is that the sea animal’s “tight paw” certainly touched Pen…

In the end, a beautiful unexpected thank you is always a pleasure!

source used: Scribol

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