This Woman Has A Gigantic Rabbit. He Weighs About 10 Kg And Has Her Own Bedroom

Lyn Hobson, the proud owner of Jester and from Scunthorpe, is 60 years old and tells some anecdotes about her rabbit in the hopes that his quality of life will set an example for others. Jester weighs 20lbs, or almost 10kg, and is treated like a king. Lyn says the sweet white rabbit is so big he has a room all to himself. 


image credit: jester_the_giant_bunny/instagram

He is, like many pets, spoiled and treated like a real child – he sits with his mistress on the couch and loves to watch Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC. Lyn says Jester is the best pet you could ask for – loving, calm, well behaved, and very curious.


image credit: jester_the_giant_bunny/instagram

He likes to follow his mistress wherever she goes and has learned where her toilets are so he doesn’t have to live in a hutch outside. In fact, Jester moves freely and has an entire garden where he likes to pose for photos in proud and haughty positions. 


image credit: Lee Mclean SWNS/Twitter

Lyn welcomed Jester when he was just a few weeks old and now, despite being a giant, he’s still the baby of the house.

How about you, would you adopt a giant rabbit?

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