This Woman Found A Wonderful “Orchid” Mantis In Her Lavender.

When you are lucky enough to have a house with a garden, you have the possibility of having a lot of plants and flowers which not only allow you to develop your gardening skills but also to admire a wonderful corner of nature. The presence of the flowers attracts many animals and insects which inhabit the courtyards and gardens of every house in the world. Margaret Neville, for example, lives in South Africa and was admiring her little piece of paradise when she noticed something strange in her beautiful lavender.


image credit: Facebook/Waterfall Retreat & Environmental Centre

On one of the lavender branches had landed an insect so peculiar that it looked like a work of art. The legs were covered with pale purple flowers, resembling lavender buds. But the most fascinating thing about the insect was its wings: green and white, with a black vortex inside that looked like an eye. These delicate creatures blend into their environment, making them almost invisible. 


image credit: Facebook/Waterfall Retreat & Environmental Centre

The insect that surprised the woman so much is a Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii , one of the most colorful mantises there is. Margaret managed to take some photos of this wonderful insect and sent them to the Waterfall Retreat and Environmental Center . Experts at the Center believe the mantis is in gestation and named it Miss Frilly Pants.

Nature always manages to surprise us!

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