This Submarine “Elevator” Takes You To The Depths Of The Abyss Without Needing To Be A Diver .

Have you ever dreamed of taking a trip to the depths of the seas and oceans and exploring the wonders of the seabed and the life that inhabits them? Maybe you did, and maybe the idea scares you a bit, especially since it involves some knowledge of driving techniques.

It is certainly not an easy task: one must act with all the necessary precautions to avoid dangerous consequences. If you really don’t want to go into such an experience, but at the same time want to dive at all costs, there is an invention that seems to come from the days of the first steam engines and a slightly atmospheric atmosphere. steampunk that might suit you! Are you ready to discover this curious underwater “elevator”?


image credit: Tom Scott/Youtube

Diving bells, those waterproof containers supported by a cable and able to accommodate divers, are certainly not new. This “elevator” however brings a certain advantage, since it allows anyone wishing to undertake an experience in the abyss, to descend there, to observe the underwater life without getting wet and without having to know the techniques. and the rules of diving .


image credit: Tom Scott/Youtube

Experiences inside these diving “chambers” called underwater observatories (” Tauchgondel ” in German) have become tourist attractions in the Baltic Sea region in recent years. In several coastal locations in northeastern Germany, it is possible to enter and dive to discover the dark depths of the sea.


image credit: Tom Scott/Youtube

When we look at the Tauchgondel, we cannot help thinking of real elevators which, instead of going up the different floors of a building, take us down, always lower. Their appearance is also unique, with their vaguely “Victorian” aspect, evoking the devices of a steampunk decor, halfway between the past and the future.


image credit: Tom Scott/Youtube

The experience is one of a kind, as evidenced by the videos and images that have toured the web, allowing us to take a “virtual tour” inside one of these underwater pods. The sounds, lights, reflections, colors, and, of course, the creatures of the seabed envelop with all their fascination all those who decide to venture into the depths of the Baltic Sea.


image credit: diving gondola / Youtube

What do you think? Would you dare to “dive” into the sea aboard this special capsule?

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