This Small Italian Village Remains In The Shadows Three Months A Year: A Large Mirror Illuminates The Houses.

Three months a year without sun. No, we are not describing a script from an apocalyptic and dystopian film, but this sentence is enough to summarize what is happening in Viganella, the small Italian village in Piedmont, which made the headlines for a feature that distinguishes it from many other mountain villages scattered throughout the peninsula.

Every year, from mid-November to early February, this village of about 200 inhabitants is found in the shade. Because of a mountain that is right next to Viganella, the sun’s rays cannot reach the buildings of the city, condemned to a prolonged state of darkness. A rather restrictive condition to which, however, some locals found a brilliant solution, thanks to a special mirror that made Viganella famous, elevating it to the rank of a tourist destination.


image credit: Cencio Sette / Facebook

The idea, which dates back to 2006, was meant to be talked about. The mayor of the city at the time, Franco Midali, decided it was time to bring the light back to the village and to do so he worked with architect Giacomo Bonzani and Emilio Barocco, a professor of engineering at the University of Genoa. Together, they built a huge 40-square-meter rotating mirror that, strategically placed on a mountainside, would illuminate Viganella with its reflection.


image credit: la_gemma_del_lago / Instagram

A great idea to say the least, since the mirror that follows the sunlight and brings the village out of its state of prolonged darkness has worked wonders, not only because this device has actually succeeded in its intention, but also because, thanks to him, Viganella became known in Italy and beyond.


It is no coincidence that over the years many people have come here to visit the area, intrigued by its uniqueness and the beauty of the place.

And while walking in the center of the village, during the months when the sun hides behind the mountain and when the mirror is doing its job, we realize how much this idea makes the pride of the inhabitants who, thanks to other systems ingenious mirrors, managed to illuminate the darkest corners of streets and buildings.


The most important mirror, the one that brings light, warmth, and serenity, is there, waiting to be turned off at the beginning of February, when at last in the village the natural rays of the sun return. Needless to say, this is all met with a big party …

source used: Amusing Planet

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