This Ship Seems To “Float” In The Sky: A Man Immortalizes The Incredible Optical Illusion

Who has never found themselves in front of scenes that required a deeper look to be better understood? If you are one of those people, you have surely noticed that sometimes even a second or third glance is not enough to fully decipher what we are looking at.

Colin McCallum , the man who drove near the coastal town of Banff, Scotland, who noticed and filmed a truly amazing phenomenon, knows a thing or two about it. His video quickly toured the web, intriguing many people. We are among them, and that is why we have decided to show it to you. Discover the incredible ” floating ship ” immortalized by Colin!


image credit: Colin McCallum – The Sun/Twitter

We are sure that, at first, this man must have been rather perplexed by such a scene. Looking out over the North Sea from the coastal road he was driving on, Colin’s attention was caught by a large freighter off the coast which, as the video shows, doesn’t appear to be sliding across the water, but. .. float in the sky!

The ship in question was clearly the unintentional object of an optical illusion in its own right. On the horizon, the limits of the sea and the sky could not be distinguished with precision, and the end result was exactly as described: the ship appeared to be floating in the sky.


image credit: Colin McCallum – The Sun/Twitter

Astonished, this man thought that it was better to film and share what he observed, while also giving his explanation for the phenomenon. “I think the optical illusion was caused by cloud formation closer to the shore, which helped change the color of the water. The boat, being far away, was in a cloudless area, where we could see the reflection of the sky on the sea. That is why it seemed to be floating in the air. “

Of course, as often happens in these cases, there was no lack of comments and reactions. Some also claimed that it was a “fake”, so “impossible” that it could not be true. Yet Colin swears he saw this incredible illusion with his own eyes. What do you think? Isn’t it amazing what he saw?

source used: The Sun

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