This Photographer Managed To Capture Three Bear Cubs That Seem To Be Making A Round.

Being a professional photographer is no small feat; it allows you to travel around the world, visit remote and sometimes impracticable places, to insert unique emotions into your own baggage. Photographing the beauties that surround us also allows us to come into closer contact with the animal kingdom and its surprising curiosities. Photographer  Valtteri Mulkahainen , for example, managed to take an extraordinary photo in which a group of bear cubs formed a circle, almost as if they wanted to make a three-way circle  !


On his way to eastern Finland for work, Valtteri came across a truly unique scene: near Suomussalmi, in the heart of an almost enchanted forest, a scene worthy of a fairy tale: a group of four bears, a mother and three cubs, were resting playing around a tree. But it’s not the best part of the story.


The three bear cubs, promptly immortalized by Valtteri’s camera, let themselves go at a moment that was both very funny and unusual: the three bear cubs began at some point to “dance” in a circle as if they were making an improvised round!

Of that moment between dream and reality, Valtteri said, “When I saw them standing on their hind legs […] it was like being in the middle of the magic forest in a fairy tale. If the bears had started to sing, I probably wouldn’t have been surprised because the scene was already so incredible”.


One thing is certain: a scene like this will be really difficult for any professional photographer to recapture!


 Metro UK

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