This Photographer Captured The Majesty Of The Bald Eagle In A Near-perfect Shot.

Perfection is hard to achieve, if not impossible. But it is certainly possible to approach a more or less shared concept of perfection. For example, do you think the perfect photo can exist? Who knows how many times you’ve stopped to discuss the beauty of certain shots or works of art. Perfection does not exist, however, when you see an image as extraordinary, as beautiful, and as well made as to the one we offer, the only adjective to describe it is “perfect”. This is a photo of a bald eagle, more specifically a bald eagle.


Photographer Steve Biro devoted much of his time to photographing this specific breed of an eagle and especially Bruce, a splendid specimen. Of all the shots he took, the one that struck him the most was the one in which the majestic eagle seems to build an almost perfect geometric shape. Its wingspan, in fact, is reflected in the water, producing a very upright and balanced image.

The photo immediately went viral, to the amazement of Steve who hadn’t expected such a reaction. The eagle, in fact, didn’t seem very enthusiastic about the photographer’s presence, so much so that it literally tried to chase him away by flying overhead. “It was a pretty hilarious moment,” Steve commented.

A photo that continues to seduce many Internet users, captured by the beauty of the majestic eagle.

source used: BBC

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