This Mini-dome-shaped Home Is Modern, Comfortable, And Costs As Much As A Car.

Mini houses are a trend in housing that has been booming in recent years in various parts of the world. More and more people have decided to live in rooms which at first glance may seem uncomfortable and too cramped, but which in reality are complete with all the comforts, practical, functional, original, and above all economical. Like the one, we’re going to show you.

What is it about? This is a dome-shaped micro-house which, apart from being very practical, is also very inexpensive compared to a traditional house. This is indeed the strength of these structures: they are perfect for those who cannot afford to spend as much like a traditional house, without giving up anything. Are you ready to take a closer look at this unusual shape?


image credit: Archipod

It’s called Fatpod and is designed, built, and sold by Archipod, a UK company specializing in modern, unusual, and innovative constructions like this one. Like the company’s other projects, Fatpod is more than just a house.


image credit: Archipod

Not only because it can be transported and easily integrated into many different contexts, but also because it incorporates a whole series of devices and technological characteristics that make it special.

Starting with the materials used, all precious and avant-garde, designed to guarantee the best insulation and the greatest resistance. It is impossible not to notice its aesthetics. Fatpod looks like a kind of “shell” in which the roof and the walls merge. The red cedar wood “tiles” that cover it cover the entire house, creating a truly unique overall effect.


image credit: Archipod

Imagine this structure in a countryside landscape, by the sea or in the mountains: it seems really tailor-made for such a setting, doesn’t it? And, as the company assures us, it can be built to meet any customer need, for customization that is nothing short of complete.


image credit: Archipod

Inside, the space can be seen as an area for relaxation, work, study, or reception, sheltered by a structure that looks very welcoming. In short: an additional space that knows how to be noticed!


image credit: Archipod

If you feel like trying it, know that the price is far from being prohibitive: Fatpod has indeed variable costs on demand depending on the configuration, but all are around figures that roughly correspond to those needed to buy a car.


image credit: Archipod

What do you think? Would you buy it?

source used: Archipod

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