He Was A Mason And Now He Is An Artist: This Man Makes Wonderful Sculptures With Simple Stones.

Johnny Clasper was a bricklayer by trade and probably didn’t expect his career to take off in such a different direction. This English man, who lives in Yorkshire, has become a true artist thanks to his innovative way of conceiving sculpture. Johnny uses simple stones and rocks to create fascinating mosaics. Today, Clasper has succeeded in turning his passion into a real profession by opening a shop where he exhibits his works, but he also accepts to make others to measure, according to the requests that reach him.


image credit: Facebook / Johnny Clasper

Clasper’s mosaics and his other works lend themselves very well to the creation of interior and exterior works: tiles to beautify walls, garden floors, fountains, ponds, sculptures, and mosaics. In short, a very varied type of sculpture that lends itself to different environments and situations.


image credit: Facebook / Johnny Clasper

Clasper has always loved manual activities, such as ceramics, woodworking, and metalworking, but he never thought of turning it into a profession. But one day, he decided to take a carpentry course: “Well, something that I really wanted to learn and that I liked to do” says the man.


image credit: Facebook / Johnny Clasper

In his work, Clasper refuses to stick to certain limits and lets the stone “flow” like water, composing his wonderful works – “If stone could come to life, couldn’t it be fluid and flow like water? the water ?”.


image credit: Facebook / Johnny Clasper

It takes a certain skill to compose and put together all these stones and rocks.


image credit: Facebook / Johnny Clasper


image credit: Facebook / Johnny Clasper

What do you think, do you like them?

source used: Facebook / Johnny Clasper

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