This little girl spent the entire Christmas play showing the “middle finger” to the audience

The Christmas play is a moment in which, for many children, emotions, fun and the desire to try an activity different from the usual mix. Even parents, obviously, are proud of their children who go on stage at school to stage episodes related to the holidays.

Unfortunately, however, it can happen that not everything goes as it should, and that the infamous Christmas plays are remembered for funny or funny episodes , linked primarily to the little actors. As in the case of Elle Legge , a 5-year-old English girl who is the protagonist of a hilarious scene, to say the least.

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When the nativity scene was put on at her school in Maldon, Essex , little Ella played a pretty little angel. So far so good, except that, instead of showing off an “actress” smile or greeting her mother Carla, present in the audience, the little girl decided it was time to raise… her middle finger .

Carla Bovingdon/Facebook

That’s right: with a worried expression, the little girl pointed her finger at the audience, as if she were insulting everyone. The problem, apparently, arose because  a nail had broken on her little finger , causing discomfort that was impossible for her to bear at the time. Out of character, therefore, she couldn’t help but point out her discomfort to her mother, in a decidedly explicit way.

Even though we’ve darkened the photos of Ella in her “performance” so as not to offend anyone’s feelings, it’s clear that it was an incredibly hilarious gesture.

Carla Bovingdon/Facebook

At the sight of what was happening, Carla was astonished , especially because Ella spent most of the performance time in that position, triggering some inevitable laughter among those present. Until she, to compare the “injured” finger with the healthy one, also raised the middle finger of the other hand , doubling, so to speak, the problem.

The innocence with which this little angel girl sought her mother’s help, as well as the unconscious irreverence of her gesture , amused everyone. In fact, when Carla decided to share the episode on social media, she received thousands of comments. Who knows if in the future, when Ella grows up and looks back at her photos, she will realize how much fun she was without even wanting to. For now, we wish you a speedy “recovery” from your minor or major ailments!

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