This husky “wasted” Christmas photos with a really angry expression.

Imagine you are with family and you want to take a memorable photo. But those who should be smiling don’t do so, others have their eyes closed or their heads turned elsewhere…

This kind of mishap has probably happened to everyone. In the case of Jasmine, mistress of a wonderful husky named Anuko, the photos taken for Christmas were literally ruined by his… angry four-legged friend!

via huskyanuko/Instagram

Just look at the photos and you’ll see it: in the photos, posted by Jasmine on Instagram, her husky is wearing a Christmas scarf and a pair of cute reindeer horns, ready to be immortalized in the perfect Christmas spirit. However, it seems that this festive spirit is not to Anuko’s taste looking at her far from happy expression…

With her scowling and upset face, the Christmas photos became more funny than magical. It doesn’t happen every day, in fact, to see a dog dressed in Christmas fashion with such an expression, almost to mean “I disapprove of all this”. 

And maybe this beautiful animal doesn’t like Christmas at all, or took this pose for completely different reasons. Looking through the photos on his Instagram profile, we notice in any case that his expression is never entirely happy, which is also due to the shape of his eyes and the black spot surrounding them. However, Anuko, according to Jasmine, is an adorable dog, sweet and affectionate, who knows how to be happy, play and spread joy to those around him. 

One thing is certain even if they are spoiled by the adorable “grumpy appearance” of the dog, Anuko’s photos are absolutely hilarious : we never get tired of looking at her expression!

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