This House On Wheels Has 4 Rooms And Can Be Easily Transported Inside Is A Real Apartment.

When we think of the perfect vacation, we all have quite different conceptions of what makes a trip particularly unforgettable. There are those who like comfortable accommodation, those who prefer to move around, those who simply cannot give up carrying the maximum amount of transportable luggage.

In reality, every travel experience has its own reasons, but the dream of every traveler is sure to be able to stay without too many problems wherever they are, in a comfortable environment and at the same time transportable. Just like the amazing house on wheels that we are going to tell you about, a real paradise for those who love this kind of accommodation. The reason? It is a real complete “apartment”, maybe a bit pricey, but certainly ideal for a memorable vacation.


image credit: minttinyhomes/Instagram

A living room, a full kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and two rooms that can be used for various uses: this is not the classic description of an apartment, but that of the vehicle produced by the Mint Tiny House Company , a company specializing in the construction of caravans and houses on wheels. Just read the description of Traveler’s Paradise – a name that is quite a program! – to understand that this is truly unique accommodation.


image credit: minttinyhomes/Instagram

Its length can reach 12.5 meters and can accommodate up to eight people. A large capacity does not, however, prevent this traveling house from being transported by a van or a vehicle that is not necessarily large. Even looking at it from the outside, one can feel that it is not a simple “caravan”. But it’s when you step inside that you really feel like you are in a real apartment.


image credit: minttinyhomes/Instagram

The colors, finishes, and materials used make this Mint Tiny House vehicle absolutely comfortable and exclusive. Everything is customizable by the client, who can enjoy the rooms in the most comfortable and adaptable way, both on the first floor and on the mezzanines.

bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink and a real kitchen, equipped with a hob, sink, oven, wall cabinets, and refrigerator, make the whole completely “welcoming” environment and perfect for those who do not want to let go.


image credit: minttinyhomes/Instagram

The surroundings are made even more comfortable by ventilation, heating, and air conditioning system that allows travelers and guests to always find the ideal temperature, depending on the time of year.

Looking at the photos of this “Traveller’s Paradise”, it is impossible not to be fascinated by it. This vehicle really makes you want to go on an adventure and feel good. Its characteristics make it so comfortable that one could even live there almost permanently!


image credit: minttinyhomes/Instagram

Of course, the cost might not make this house on wheels accessible to everyone: the vehicle does indeed sell for over $ 111,000, a high figure admittedly, but it could be a good investment, both thinking to the money saved for holiday accommodation, and if we plan to use it as a real home!

What do you think? Did you want to get on board and set off for a new adventure?

source of used: Mint Tiny House Company

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