This Girl Spends Over € 4,500 A Year To Care For And Pamper Two Pigeons.

How much can you love a pet? Many people would do anything for their non-human friends. And when we say “anything,” we also mean that which, for many, might be absolutely superfluous, if not excessive. Especially if the animals in question are not dogs or cats, but … pigeons!

Would you spend more than 4,500 euros per year to care for, pamper and spoil domestic pigeons? If you answered no, you might not agree with Meggy Johnson, the young Briton we are going to tell you about. For her, pigeons are real-life companions that deserve all kinds of attention. To show you how much she cares about them, just think that they have their own bedroom and wardrobe! Let’s get to know them more closely.


image credit: Meggy Johnson/Facebook

They are called Sky and Moose, and it would be reductive to call them simple pigeons. These birds are true fashionistas who lack everything, from clothes and accessories to a comfortable place to sleep and play.


image credit: Metro

Meggy has indeed created a real bedroom for them, where they have all their space and their favorite accessories, such as perches and toys. But that’s not all: the two pigeons have their own strollers for the walks, as well as a practical leash and “ad hoc” clothing to always be to their advantage.


image credit: 110 MEDIA PLAY/Youtube

“I take them for walks regularly,” explains Maggie, “it’s nice for them to enjoy the natural light of the sun. Each month,” continues the 23-year-old, I spend up to 450 euros on them, but sometimes I spend even more I celebrate their birthdays on the days they were saved, and I spoil them as I would any other family member.


image credit: Meggy Johnson/Facebook

Sky and Moose’s life hasn’t always been as luxurious and comfortable as it is today. The two pigeons were found abandoned while they were still babies, and it was Maggie who fed them with her own hands until they regained health.


image credit: 110 MEDIA PLAY/Youtube

“Even though some people call them flying rats and are disgusted with them,” Maggie continues, “the bond you can make with them is truly amazing, they really are wonderful pets, maybe the best.”


image credit: 110 MEDIA PLAY/Youtube

Sky and Moose aren’t the only birds Maggy has decided to take under her wing. They were joined by Snowy and Clee, two doves she found struggling and with various health issues. She gave them all the attention they needed to recover and live the best they could.


image credit: Meggy Johnson/Facebook

In short, instead of the “usual” dogs or cats, this young girl chose to share her time with very unusual and special animals.

What do you think? Would you accept pigeons in your home or is it not for you?

source used: Metro

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