This Fascinating Tree Hangs In The Air And Continues To Balance On Its Roots.

When we witness certain phenomena and come face to face with certain natural elements, we know for sure that our environment can tell us something important, give us very valuable lessons. This is the case of the wonderful tree that we are going to tell you about, so special that it has been nicknamed ” the tree of life “.

This natural element is true proof of the power of Mother Nature. Against any logic or law governing tree growth, it keeps growing, growing even though it is suspended in the air. It certainly deserves to be discovered more closely, it is so fascinating.


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It is located in the United States, Washington State, on Kalaloch Beach in Olympic National Park, and watching it is an unforgettable experience. The Tree of Life, first of all, is a Sitka spruce, a variety known for its towering height and wide trunk.

These spruces are named after a community in Alaska and are quite common on the west coast of North America. What is really astonishing in this specimen is the way it clings to life: it is as if it is held by a single branch, with its thick and gnarled roots, suspended between two cliff walls.


image credit: Matt Hucke/Flickr

If you are wondering how this is possible, there is no clear answer yet. What has been argued is that the ground collapsed under the roots of the tree some time ago, most likely due to erosion from a small river flowing below. However, instead of causing the amazing spruce top to disappear, this situation taught him to readjust to a difficult but incredibly viable situation.


image credit: Matt Hucke/Flickr

Like a creature that clings with all its might to live in a difficult moment, this tree did not really want to accept its end and continues to grow despite everything, in balance and without falling. Of course, the weight of its trunk suggests an imminent end, but that moment has not yet arrived, and in the meantime, the tree continues to attract visitors and the curious to Kalaloch Beach. It is wonderful to admire the tree and be inspired by its tenacity and resilience.


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