This Farmer Refuses To Sell His Fields: He Now Cultivates Them In His Corner Of Green In The Middle Of Buildings.

What does our attachment to our land and to the places that, over time, we have nurtured and managed with so much effort? A question that should be asked of all people who overnight received offers to buy land or demolish buildings to make way for roads, new buildings, or other structures.

One thing is certain: it would not be a pleasant situation for many. The Polish farmer we are about to talk about certainly knows something about this. This man, with very rare determination, decided that his farmland would never be handed over to someone who wanted to buy it to build buildings in a developing neighborhood. His story is known around the world, as are the photos that show him still cultivating in the middle of tall apartment buildings.


image credit: Michal Myslowski/Youtube

His name is Michal Myslowski, he lives and works in Lublin, and he is a true symbol of resistance. To what? Some might say to development and modernity, but in reality, by his choice, this man only wanted to show everyone the deep link he has with his land.

Despite generous offers of money over the years, Michal never sold his fields. There was no point in trying to convince him with money or to build huge buildings around his land, where there was previously only nature. He was called “crazy”, told he would regret it sooner or later, but he is more convinced than ever that he made the right decision, not only for himself but also for the environment. .


image credit: Michal Myslowski/Youtube

Today, its fields are one of the few “natural” spaces surrounded by concrete, roads, and commercial activities. He is there, with his agricultural machinery, cultivating and managing them as he always has, offering the world scenes that are at the very least evocative that should make us think. Between nature and modernity, Myslowski continues his work in his “green corridor”, in peace.


image credit: Michal Myslowski/Youtube

And in general, the people who live and work around his fields have accepted him graciously, with the exception of a few complaints about noise or odors resulting from his farming activities. All in all, many are happy to be able to look out their window in the middle of the city and see Michal working the land and reaping its rewards. Certainly, this is not something that happens every day to people who live in the middle of buildings.

What do you think of this man’s choice? Have you ever seen scenes like this in town?

Watch the video:

source used: Michal Myslowski/Youtube

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