This Family Has Built A Village Of Mini-houses: Each Child Has Their Own Private House.

Many people know this well: when you don’t live alone at home, it can be very difficult to carve out a personal space and share it with others, especially if the house in question is not very large. If, for many, it is a simple question of habit and adaptation, there are those who decide to opt for solutions as extravagant as they are practical and original, like the American family whose we will talk to you.

What did they do that was so unusual? It’s simple: after buying a piece of land at a rather low price, they didn’t build a traditional family house there, but a real village made up of mini-houses . Each house houses a teenager, who can thus benefit from his own personal space, to be managed and personalized as he pleases. Ready to discover this idea in more detail?


image credit: Lennox Brinks – Tinyhouseblog

$57,000 : That’s how much the Brinks, a Kentucky family, spent to buy the eight-hectare property that would become their home. However, they did not build a house to live in with their teenage children, but a small, original and environmentally friendly village where everyone would have their own privacy.

Six mini-houses , each 15 to 20 square meters in size, are part of the property, overlooking an open space surrounded by greenery which is a truly original example of housing choice.


image credit: Lennox Brinks/Facebook

In addition to the parents’ house, there are two separate houses for the Lennox and Brodey children, one for guests, one that serves as a double bathroom, and one that is a poolside living area. Despite the small size of each house, the Brinks lack nothing for an alternative, comfortable and sustainable life .


image credit: tinyvillagegirl / TikTok

Just look at the photos to realize that there are all the comforts inside these mini-houses: all family members have their own space to live as they wish and with this solution, as explained the Brinks, they produce less waste and use less energy in terms of heating and cooling.


image credit: tinyvillagegirl / TikTok

“I love having my own space and being able to customize my home however I want,” said teenage daughter Lennox, “not to mention that if I go to bed late or want to invite friends over, I don’t have to worry because my parents are on the other side of the yard. I think this arrangement has helped me become independent and fit into the atmosphere of the university. I love my tiny house. “


image credit: LennoxBrinks/Twitter

“Since we moved here, Lennox said, our electric bills have gone down significantly. We also have a vegetable garden, and we compost most of our food, recycle, and produce less waste .”


image credit: tinyvillagegirl / TikTok

In the United States and elsewhere, the trend of living in tiny homes seems to be gaining momentum. The advantages can be many and, even if many aspects of daily life must be adapted, the satisfaction that derives from such a choice of life is multiple, especially from an economic point of view.


image credit: tinyvillagegirl / TikTok

What do you think of the choice of this family? Would you also like to build your own mini-house village?

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