This Elegant 4-legged Dandy Stole The Show From The Bride And Groom At Their Wedding.

A wedding is an unforgettable day for the bride and groom: everything is planned down to the smallest detail and the hope is to experience beautiful moments and to offer so many to the guests. Despite the long months of anticipation and preparation, the day passes quickly. This is why we count on photographers to immortalize these moments forever. But – although we are sure it was a beautiful day for the bride and groom – in the story we are going to tell you, the guests will certainly remember one small detail: a four-legged detail, with pointy ears, a long mustache, and a funny face.


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This “detail” is called Moose, and it is the bride and groom’s beloved pet. They decided to give the cat a leading role, giving him the arduous task of being the best man and handing over the wedding rings to the newlyweds. Yes, the husband and wife wanted to make sure that Moose was at the wedding as well and grabbed the attention of the guests. While it is common for dogs to attend weddings and accompany the bride and groom, it is rarer to see cats walking the long hallway leading to the bride and groom.


image credit: larsonrichard/twitter

So Moose was smartly dressed, with a personalized jacket and tie. The masters immortalized him, as if he was the groom, before the start of the ceremony and during the preparations. Once at the scene, he was placed on a small stroller and carried, with the help of a guest, alongside the bride and groom. Can you imagine the faces of the guests when they saw this very elegant cat walking triumphantly down the aisle? Although he was physically small, he appeared regal and majestic that time: a true gentleman. We don’t know if the bride and groom had thought about how Moose’s presence might overshadow them, or if that was their intention. What we do know is that Moose has become the absolute star of the wedding: a little celebrity that guests’ eyes have focused on.

source used: larsonrichard/twitter

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