The Finch, This Charming Little Himalayan Bird That Seems Colored With A Pink Felt.

Pink is a warm, pastel color that always goes well with anything. Especially during the hottest periods of the year, when this much-appreciated color is highlighted in various clothes and accessories as to greet the season of rebirth, the most beautiful: spring. To make the color pink their main “plumage”, there are finches in nature, birds with multicolored pink hues that are part of the finch family  .


In the finch family, there are about 25-30 lesser-known species, the plumage of which is based on warm shades of pink and red. The scientific name of the animal genus, Carpodacus , comes from the combination of the Greek words καρπος (karpos, “fruit”) and δακος (dakos, “bitter”), meaning “one who bites the fruit”, with reference to the diet of these birds .


The plumage varies according to the species, although it presents some common features; for example the presence of red or pink, generally on the head and the breast, but the extent of this color is variable according to the species, certain species of finch being almost completely pink or at most reddish.

Finches are diurnal, grain-eating birds, and tend to eat herbaceous plants, seeds and, during the winter season, also insects. They tend to travel in large groups.


Creatures with extraordinary colors, finches are birds geographically settled in the Eurasian zone; they are very common in the Himalayan mountain ranges, where they originate , but they are also found in parts of Central Europe, Siberia, the Middle East and the Far East.


Aren’t these colorful little birds beautiful?

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