This Car Recharges In The Sun: It Can Do Up To 1600 Km With A “Full Tank” And Has Performance Worthy Of A Supercar

In recent years, many innovations have emerged in the automotive field, many of which have been marked by the ever greater need to combine daily mobility and respect for the environment . It is no coincidence that electric cars are more and more common today, and no longer a sort of “technological mirage” as it was a few years ago.

What we are going to tell you about is a very special vehicle, not only for its aesthetic appearance , but also and above all for the technological innovations that it conceals. It does not require frequent recharging, it guarantees record range and offers performance worthy of a real sports car. All of this in an “guise” that to define futuristic would be an understatement.


image credit: Aptera Motors/Youtube

It is produced by Aptera , a Californian start-up specializing in energy-efficient vehicles. At first glance, this car looks like a science fiction movie, with its almost “floating” appearance. Let’s start by saying that it has three wheels and that it is equipped with a technology called ” Never Charge “, and that name is already quite a program.


image credit: Aptera

It is certainly this characteristic which makes this electric car interesting and “different”. On its roof, there are about three square meters of solar panels , which have the task of recharging the battery with energy derived from what nature provides us. With solar modules alone, we can reach 72 km of autonomy per day , and recharging is done in parking mode.


image credit: Aptera

A situation that could already suit many. If solar energy is then combined with a traditional full tank, the range of the Aptera can reach around 1,600 km at full load , in the “high-end” version of the vehicle. 


image credit: Aptera

In all-wheel drive mode, the Aptera can go from 0 to 100 km / h in just over 3.5 seconds  : a capacity worthy of a supercar. Modern entertainment systems, semi-autonomous driving and a host of technological devices complete the picture.


image credit: Aptera

According to the manufacturer, the price of this little gem varies between 22,000 and 40,000 euros , depending on the version and the options chosen. Granted, it might not be best for carrying a lot of people or luggage, but for two occupants (and a little more) it’s more than enough, and the driver will feel behind the wheel of a vehicle as futuristic as it is ecological .


image credit: Aptera

What do you think ? Would you buy it?

via: Aptera

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