This Artist “Plays” With The Setting Sun: 13 Photos With Surreal And Romantic Charm.

Who has never been fascinated by a magnificent sunset? The setting sun, with the colors and the atmosphere it creates, has always been a major source of inspiration for romantic and nostalgic settings in which nature offers us unique shows.

The photographer and visual artist we’re about to tell you about knows a thing or two about it. In his art, he always manages to make the sun a real protagonist, in a way that is both romantic and fun. Playing with the star that lights us up, Sulabh Lamba creates fascinating photos, to say the least. Are you ready to discover them?


This talented young artist is able to ” reinterpret ” the sunset in his own way, and his photos manage to convey a feeling of pure serenity .


For Sulabh, the setting sun is a real source of inspiration, perhaps the greatest. This Indian artist doesn’t just observe or photograph her, but does something more: he plays with him.


How does he do this? Simple and original at the same time: he “uses” our star as a kind of support , with which he makes the silhouettes represented in the photo perform actions.


We can see this by browsing his photos: the human figures that Lamba depicts are not defined and presented in detail, but are only silhouettes .


These figures manage to take the sun in their hands , to use it to perform certain actions, to carry it with them, to share it with others or even to jump on it.


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If it all started as a simple hobby for Sulabh, this type of artistic photography is now a real reason for living.


His incredible photos of the setting sun quickly went around the world, gaining the enthusiasm of many people and earning him considerable popularity.


“I love the sunsets more than sunrises, said Mr. Lamba. They always inspire me and I started to create my own pictures against the light , with silhouettes, doing my sun topic.


And there is more to his photos than just a sunset scene. Friendship, adventure, joy, positivity, lightness, irony, surrealism and many other things besides : looking at them, one really has the impression of leaving for another world, imaginative and light.


“I am truly grateful for the support I am receiving,” Sulabh said. “I never thought that so many people would join me on my journey.”


What we’ve collected here is just a small selection of Sulabh’s shots: his much-watched artistic and photographic work is featured on his onabhlamba6 Instagram page .


There is no doubt: this artist has a perfect command of sunset photos!


These shots are really fascinating, don’t you think?

source used: sulabhlamba6 / Instagram

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