No Heels Or Tight Skirts: This Airline Makes Flight Attendants Wear Flightand Shoes.

We have all seen it with our own eyes: all flight attendants wear strict uniforms, which make them look elegant and professional. While men typically wear pants, shirts, and jackets, flight attendants often find their uniforms more uncomfortable – they have to wear high heels, tight skirts, and tie their hair into a tight bun. However, an airline decided to change things and oppose the stereotype of flight attendants.


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This is SkyUp Airlines, a private company based in Ukraine: from now on, flight attendants will be able to wear more comfortable clothes, such as pants, sneakers, and, if they wish, a silk scarf. This change stems from the experiences and complaints of flight attendants whose uniforms hampered them in the performance of their duties. Flight attendant Alexandrina Denysenko said: “The heels are pretty, I don’t dispute it, but the feet suffer and swell at the end of the flight. The sneakers are absolutely fantastic! If a crew has to land on the flight, the sneakers are absolutely fantastic! water and drain, the heels can damage the ladder and it would not be very comfortable to swim in a skirt. “


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The airline realized that the clothes worn mostly by women were too conservative, that they were based purely on appearance, and ignored another, perhaps more important, element: comfort. The SkyUp Airlines marketing manager pointed out that the job of a flight attendant is not just a “romantic” job: it is a difficult job that is not based solely on appearance. New uniforms were therefore introduced: they are orange – to reflect the color of the brand – made by Ukrainian brands and much more comfortable. Women should not wear high heels but can wear comfortable sneakers. Hostesses can also change their hairstyle if they wish: they can ditch the tight bun for a ponytail or braids. This change does not only concern women: a uniform is also in preparation for the men, who will be able to wear a t-shirt, instead of a shirt, a vest, and black sneakers. What do you think of this radical change?

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