Thinking Of Having A Bad Day? For These People It’s Even Worse

There are days when it seems like the world can be falling on us at any time. Times when bad luck seems to no longer want to let us go, to the point of wanting to take refuge in a safe place and do nothing.

This is probably how the people in these photos felt, which depict moments and eventualities in which a lack of manual skill, coincidence, or sheer bad luck is mixed.

Of course, these episodes, especially when you watch them later, can be really funny too .

The authors of these photos wanted to share them with the world, to minimize the situation … and hope that this does not happen again!

#1. If the pillow explodes in the washing machine ….

image credit: Wellthatsucks/reddit

#2. From the look, it’s clear he loved his long beard …

image credit: DrunkAzSkunk/reddit

#3. He had thought of the umbrella, but …

image credit:

#4. The sign was right: “danger of landslide”!

image credit:

#5. Ah, those damn manholes when you wear heels …

image credit:

#6. A good brush cleaning session awaits him. We envy him …

image credit:

#7. In theory, he should take his car back …

image credit:

#8. The phobia of cooks … Fortunately, the cat offers its contribution to cleaning!

image credit:

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